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2020-02-25 10:13:15
New calls for application at the IWM 

Paul Celan Fellowships 2020/2021 for translators 

Deadline for application: April 19, 2020    

The program supports translations of canonical texts, contemporary key works in the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies from Eastern to Western European languages or vice versa, or between two Eastern European languages. Special emphasis is put on translations of relevant works written by East European authors and/or female scholars. No applications for works of fiction and poetry are being accepted. 

Fellows will spend 3 – 6 months between July 2020 and June 2021 at the IWM in Vienna and receive a monthly stipend of EUR 2,800 to cover all expenses related to the stay in Vienna. The IWM provides fellows with an office incl. access to internet, in-house research and administrative facilities as well as other services free of charge. 

Further details and online application: www.iwm.at/fellowships/celan/



IWM Summer School June 28 – July 4, 2020 

Deadline for application: March 22, 2020    

This year’s summer school will explore how different political parties and movements draw from and mobilize different sites of democratic legitimacy. The summer school will be held at Burg Feistritz and offers the opportunity to work with leading democracy scholars across a range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. This year’s visiting faculty include Craig Calhoun, Dilip Gaonkar, Ivan Krastev, Claudio Lomnitz, Shalini Randeria, Judit Sandor and Charles Taylor. 

We invite applications from humanities and social science PhD students, post-docs, and junior faculty who have received their PhD within the last five years. All costs related to participation—including travel and accommodation—are covered by the organizers. 

Further details and online application: www.iwm.at/events/event/the-legislature-the-court-and-the-streets/

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