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Academy of Young Diplomats - apply for a scholarship!  

Thinking about career in international environment or diplomacy? Would you like to meet colleagues from over 60 countries? Do you see yourself working for European institutions, think-tanks and international organizations? Do you want to develop your  skills?  


If so, join us for a unique, diplomatic program which will complement your university experience!

Apply for a scholarship and learn from the best!      


Apply until 30th September!


Since 2005, Casimir Pulaski Foundation has been collaborating with the European Academy of Diplomacy as founder of the Casimir Pulaski Scholarships. Since 2005 the CFP has awarded more than 70 full scholarships to the best candidates for the Academy of Young Diplomats. In 2018, the Foundation shall award up to 15 full or partial scholarships to best candidates for the 15th edition of the Academy of Young Diplomats.       


In 2016 PZU Foundation and EAD inaugurated the PZU Scholarships project. With the support of the PZU Foundation we will grant 10 scholarships to a group of outstanding local Polish leaders.  This year’s 15th edition will bring together 200 young leaders from over 60 countries who will be educated within 3 unique specialization – two in English and one in Polish (International Organizations, International Security, Polish Foreign Service).

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