Tallinn University School of Educational Sciences is opening a new MA programme to prepare change agents who solve educational problems all over to world!  

The Estonian Foreign Ministry, Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid fund, has decided to offer scholarship to five students to study on a new Master´s Programme Educational Innovation and Leadership at Tallinn University.   


The scholarship will be granted to the top five candidates from Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus or Afghanistan based on their entrance exams. Those students will be granted a full scholarship to cover their tuition fee for two years in worth 9000€ and a contribution to cover their living costs in Estonia in worth 5400€ 


The deadline for applying is already on the 1st of April 2018 (for applicants from Georgia and Ukraine the deadline is 1st of June).

The Educational Innovation and Leadership master´s programme is for YOU if:

•    you get irritated thinking about a problem in you r  educational setting

•    you are ready to take up some responsibility - design, plan and implement an innovative change to solve the situation

•    you want to learn in the hub of high level education - Estonia.  


The full programme and all the extras you might need are up on THIS website. 


•    You will have basically a   custom made curriculum just for you

•    Highly up to date   infrastructure is at your disposal

•    There is reduced tuition fee for the top notch candidates    


For more information see the attached flier!

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