DFG-SFFRU Cooperation: Possibility for Joint German-Ukrainian Project Proposals in Physics and Mathematics  

The proposal must include a description of the full proposed research programme and research teams and describe the total resources for the joint project (that is, the funds requested for both the Ukrainian and German groups). However, the budget forms submitted to the DFG should only indicate the amount requested from the DFG. For the project description please use the “Joint Project Description Template”. Additional documents as CVs of the principal investigators (PI) from both sides must be uploaded following the rules of each organisation respectively. Please note that the reviewers on both sides will need the full information on the PI from Germany as well as from Ukraine.



In accordance with the full proposal target date of the SFFRU, proposals to the DFG should be submitted not later than 11 December 2017.


More information:  http://www.dfg.de/foerderung/info_wissenschaft/2017/info_wissenschaft_17_62/

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