The Academy of Young Diplomats (AYD) 

The Academy of Young Diplomats (AYD) is an annual diplomatic program for emerging young global leaders, preparing future diplomats, civil servants and social entrepreneurs for international careers in a spirit of responsibility for the surrounding world. Addressed to senior students and young graduates, the program offers, among others, 70-hours of hands-on diplomatic training, a special workshop session, study visits in Warsaw and one study-session oin Cracow


Since 2004 over 2200 participants from 50 countries have graduated from the Academy of Young Diplomats. Over 100 AYD Alumni found work in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of their respective countries, while others are employed in European institutions, international organizations, public administration and business


Recruitment for 14th edition of the Academy of Young Diplomats is now open!

1st round of recruitment application deadline: 30 June 2017

1st round of scholarships application deadline: 31 May 2017


Program includes:

•    3 Specializations: International Organizations (held in English), International Security (held in English), Polish Foreign Service (held in Polish and English)

•    7 three-days sessions in Warsaw

•    1 three-day study session in Cracow

•    Inauguration & Graduation ceremonies with Special Guests

•    70 hours of workshops and simulations

•    Optional Sunday Classes

•    Friday Discussions with Distinguished Guests

•    Study Visits at the Embassies and International Organizations based in Warsaw

•    Internship Program

•    Polish Language & Culture Course (Optional)


Program does not cover:

•    meals and accommodation in Warsaw

•    visa, insurance & travel expenses



•    875 € (one time payment)

•    885 € (payment in 3 installments)


To check scholarship opportunities click here



•    you have to fit in the AYD Student Profile

•    you have to be at least 20 years old

•    you have to possess very good command of English (at least C1)

•    you must be holder of a university diploma or a student

•    you must accept the Terms and Conditions


AYD14 Schedule*

•    2.12.2017 – Inauguration

•    15 – 17.12.2017 – 1st session

•    12 – 14.01.2018 – 2nd session – study session

•    2 – 4.02.2018 – 3rd session

•    2 – 4.03.2018 – 4th session

•    23 – 25.03.2018 – 5th session

•    13 – 15.04.2018 – 6th session

•    11 – 13.05.2018 – 7th session

•    8 – 10.06.2018 – 8th session

*Please keep in mind that the schedule may be slightly modified 


For more information about 14th edition of the Academy of Young Diplomats, requirements and application procedure, please visit the website: https://diplomats.pl/

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