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West University of Timișoara: Virtual Erasmus Staff Training Week ~(online) internationalization in 2020 and beyond~ 7th edition, 5th-9th October 2020 . 

West University of Timisoara (WUT) is very pleased to announce that this year's edition of the Erasmus Staff Training Week will be organised online, between 5th-9th October 2020. Thus, we are inviting you and your colleagues to apply now for the Virtual Erasmus Staff Training Week ~(online) internationalization in 2020 and beyond~ 7th edition, 5th-9th October 2020 !    


Our Virtual Erasmus Staff Training Week targets members of higher education institutions interested in exploring the challenges and opportunities of the Erasmus Programme and the process of internationalization in the field of higher education in Europe and worldwide. 


The schedule of the week includes: top-notch workshops and sessions on internationalization of HEIs, presentation(s) of WUT and partner institutions, good practice examples from all over the globe and virtual opportunities of interacting with the local language and culture. You can find more details in the attached document. 


During the Virtual Erasmus Staff Training Week we will discuss various means and approaches to the process of (online) internationalization of higher-education institutions in 2020 and beyond. Therefore, we would like to invite you all to share knowledge and good practices with other like-minded professionals from all over the world. 


Should you be interested in participating in our Virtual Erasmus Staff Training Week, please fill in the application form (available here) by the 10th of September 2020.  The participation at the event is free of charge. All participants will receive certificates of (virtual) attendance.    

West University of Timisoara (WUT) is the main higher education and research center in Western Romania. It is a comprehensive university that fosters interdisciplinary education within its 11 Faculties: Arts and Design; Chemistry, Biology, Geography; Economics and Business Administration; Law; Letters, History and Theology; Mathematics and Computer Science; Music and Theatre; Physical Education and Sports; Physics; Political Sciences, Philosophy and Communication Sciences; Sociology and Psychology


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