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New project of the University of Granada’s Centro de Lenguas Modernas (CLM) has set in motion. The Covid-19 pandemic is bringing about a new and uncertain scenery in the field of international education. This situation will relentlessly affect the normal course of study abroad and international mobility programs from now on. As one of the leading centers in the teaching of Spanish language and culture at an international level, the University of Granada is determined to keep responding to the learning needs and demands of our international students as well as those of our partner programs and universities.  With this in mind, Centro de Lenguas Modernas has created an offer of online Spanish language and culture courses which have been designed to equal the excellence of those CLM traditionally offers on-site. 


Let us introduce you to our new online course proposal: 

§   Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Courses (CILYC) 

§   Intensive Spanish Courses 

§   Private classes for 1, 2 and 3 students 

§   World Language Courses (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese) 

§   Master´s Degree for Spanish Teachers from the USA and Canada 

§   Teaching Business Spanish 

§   Familiarization Course with the DELE Exam 

§   Online Language Exchange


We are sure Spain will overcome this situation in the very near future. When this time comes, CLM will continue to be one of the leading centers in teaching Spanish, and the city of Granada, always ready to embrace students and make them feel at home,  will once again show its usual splendor.


Universidad de Granada Centro de Lenguas Modernas - Universidad de Granada



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