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The application at Aalen University  

The Aalen University are now welcoming applications from students nominated for exchange studies for the Autumn Semester 2019 and full academic year (Autumn 2019 + Spring 2020).  The application period is from November 1st to November 30th 2019, and we expect to receive all the online applications by November 30th 2019. Please note that the deadline is strict especially for the non-EU applicants who need to apply for a visa or a residence permit, because the process takes time.

You will find general information about the university and the state of Baden-Württemberg on  this website hs-aalen.de/en/pages/akademisches-auslandsamt_incomings

Contact for Nominations : aaa{cREg“@њШУR3Rhs-aalen.de

Academic Calender Spring 2020 Academic Calender Fall 2020
Nomination Deadline: 
01.11.2019 Nomination Deadline:  01.04.2020
Application Deadline:     
30.11.2019 Application Deadline:      30.04.2020
Arrival Date/Orientation: 02.03.2020 Arrival Date/Orientation:  01.09.2020
Lectures Begin:   
16.03.2020 Lectures Begin:    07.10.2020
End of Semester:  
31.08.2020 End of Semester:   28.02.2020

You can also download a new brochure of Aalen University Newsletter for International Partners  HERE


or please visit the website: www.hs-aalen.de/en/pages/newsletter-aaa



The official website: www.hs-aalen.de


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