Call for Applications DAAD Summer School „Potentials, Perils, and Promises of Ethnic Diversity “ Chernivtsi, August 24th – September 1st, 2019 

During the summer school, participants will receive training in research methods in the field of Social Science and History. The following methods will be discussed and applied to the local situation in Chernivtsi:

1. Institutional comparison;

2. Archival research;

3. Film analysis;

4. Visual communication (museums, memorial boards, monuments, historical buildings);

5. Qualitative interviews (expert interviews): developing an interview guideline, carrying out/recording/transcribing/analysing interviews. 


Working language of the summer school is English.

Participants will come from Chernivtsi (10 people), other cities of Ukraine (5 people), and from Germany (5 people). The lecturers are from Germany and Ukraine.



We especially encourage advanced students (Master’s and PhD level) to apply. In order to be eligible, participants must be Ukrainian residents and be at least in their third year of university studies. All applicants are asked to submit a CV of no more than two pages and a letter of motivation of no more than 700 words, both in English. The letter of motivation should outline the reasons for applying and the intended benefits you expect for your further studies at university, research, or professional career. 



Please send your application and possible enquiries to <daad.chernivtsi!ч4Щ@e&]яWuni- marburg.de>. 

Application deadline: May 15th, 2019.

Participants will be selected and notified by May 30th, 2019.

Further information

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