International Student Conference 

 International Student Conference "Industry 4.0: Human vs. Technology", which will be held on June 6-7, 2019 in Bialystok University of Technology at Faculty of Engineering Management, Bialystok, Poland.  


The aim of the International Student Conference "Industry 4.0: Human vs Technology" (ISC IHT) 2019 is "the development of international student cooperation". The conference will provide two full days of original paper presentations, expert panel, experience shared by business specialists, keynotes, senior researchers will present their findings and city tour will be planned for their further enjoyment of the beautiful landscape of Bialystok by the participants. Moreover, the conference will bring together diverse representatives from management, marketing, engineering to explore and discuss about the impact of IHT in depth.  


By attending this conference,  students will have the chance to meet international participants to interact and share valuable experiences as an additional takeaway from the conference.   Conference registration is free of cost.


The program also features camp fire and welcome dinner on the evening of June6in which participants will be treated with the feel of rich Polish cuisine and warm hospitality. For any other queries and assistance that you may require can be found in this link: http://wiz.pb.edu.pl/isc-iht/



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