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The 2nd edition of the JASSY Summer School  

The 2nd edition of the JASSY Summer School (a Journey through hArd sciences, economicS, Social sciences and the tourism industrY) between 7 and 21 July 2019. 


Students  interested in learning and acquiring credits by undertaking one of the JASSY modules on offer:


- Hard Sciences unveiled - an Interdisciplinary Tour

- Finance and Risk Management

- Strategic Human Resource Management

- Eastern Europe: Cultural Frames, Identities and Social-Political Perspectives

- Tourism at the Eastern Border of the EU. Interdisciplinary Training for Tour Guides


are warmly invited to join the JASSY journey and to enjoy a wide range of daily field activities such as: kayaking, birdwatching, guided tours of the city and of its most valued landmarks, a trip to the geographical and cultural region of Northeastern Romania. 


The full information on our JASSY interdisciplinary modules is available on the JASSY webpage: http://www.uaic.ro/en/jassy/ (for general inquiries, students can also write to jassyBef@Лџк…UИuaic.ro). 


Please note that students from the CUMRU universities - the Consortium of the Universities of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine – can benefit from a considerably reduced fee(from 300 euros to 100 euros).


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