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PROM at KUL - Admissions are opened now! 

Admissions for “PROM - International Scholarship Exchange for PhD Students and Academic Staff” are opened now.


PROM is the project announced by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange for which all interested PhD candidates and academic staff from KUL and abroad, including those from outside the EU, can apply. 


The deadline for submitting all applications is 18th February 2019 (3:30 p.m.). 


You are kindly advised to read the Regulations of participation in the “PROM - International scholarship exchange of PhD candidates and academic staff” project and the annexes to the Regulations: http://www.kul.pl/rekrutacja,19008.html Please pay close attention to Annex 3. Number of scholarships available. 


Mobilities within PROM project may take place between 1st March 2019 and 30th September 2019.

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