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Call for Applications - Scientific and technical cooperation 

The Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) has announced a call for tenders for scientific and technical cooperation between Germany and Ukraine (https://www.bmbf.de/foerderungen/bekanntmachung-2166.html). While emphasis is placed on technological solutions (such as environmental issues), this may also provide opportunities for a research cooperation on sustainable urban development. A possible cooperation partner in Germany might for example be Rupprecht Consult, because they are also doing researches. 


The aim is to support joint research projects of German and Ukrainian scientists and to help them in getting additional funding, e.g. from the EU. Stakeholders can be university and non-university institutions, private research institutes, innovative small and medium enterprises etc.  


In line with the research priorities of the BMBF, in particular applications in the following thematic areas are considered: 


Technologies for effective resource and energy use, sustainable environmental technologies

Health research and medical technology

Information- and communication technologies

New materials and production technologies


In addition, applications on other thematic priorities of the BMBF technical programs and EU research programs can be supported. 


Eligible for application in Germany are universities, non-university research institutes and other institutions which provide research contributions as well as SMEs. In Ukraine, Ukrainian research institutions and laboratories as well as research groups at universities and companies in cooperation with partner institutions from Germany are eligible to apply. 


The project outline must be submitted by the German side in German or English language and at the same time by at least one Ukrainian partner on the Ukrainian side in Ukrainian and in English. 


The funding takes place in both countries. Projects can be supported in Ukraine with about 160 000 UAH per project per year. The funding is granted for two years, but is provided separately for each year. The decision to continue funding in the second year will be taken after consideration of the interim report of the completed part of the project. Furthermore, expenses like exchanging Project Scientists and daily allowances for the Ukrainian project scientists in Germany can be subsidized. 


The implementation of the funding measure in Ukraine is carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MBWU): Kysly Valerii, Phone: +3 80 (44) 2 87-82-76, E-mail: v_kyslyK;ВШ@mм&mon.gov.ua, Information on the modalities and the documents to be submitted can be obtained from the MBWU and on their website. 


The submission deadline is on 14 Feb. 2019.

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