2nd International Credit Mobility Week: Applications open! 

This year the topic of the week will be "Internationalizing Higher Education Institutions beyond the European borders"    


The goals of this Staff week are:    

Raising awareness concerning the strategic importance of becoming international in a global world   


Raising awareness about a comprehensive internationalization (CI) and identifying the main hurdles to achieve it   


Analyzing the role of the KA107 Erasmus+ programme within the Internationalization strategy of the Higher Education Institutions   


Proposing academic and administrative methods & procedures to kick off and improve the Key Action 107      


Both teaching and administrative staff are welcome to participate in the week. The program of the week will consist of several internationalization and specific KA107 work sessions for all participants, as well as networking opportunities. Also cultural activities  and excursions will be offered to the participants of the International Week.    


Registration for the international week will start on 20th  December  2018 and run until 20th January 2019.    

Don’t forget that this mobility is funded by Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Programme!


The contact person regarding International Week: Mercé Ibáñez, tel. +34963926297 

Email: InternationalWeek5ыХџц@%X3 uv.es 


The preliminary agenda and further information is available on the web page


Application Form link 


In order to accept your application and complete the following steps of your mobility,  an official communication from your university confirming your candidature is required as soon as possible.

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