Europolymer Conferences (EUPOCs) 

Starting from 1998, the European Polymer Federation has organized a series of Europolymer Conferences (EUPOCs) on hot topics of scientific and industrial interest. 


In May 2019, the Eupoc2019 will be on “ELECTROSPINNING AND RELATED TECHNIQUES: FROM DESIGN TO PRODUCTION OF ADVANCED POLYMER MATERIALS AND DEVICES” and will take place in Como in Italy on 12-16th May, 2019 covering the following topics: 

Principles of electrospinning and related electro-hydrodynamic techniques (electrospraing...). Effect of high electric fields in the behaviour of polymer and composite formulations. Miscibility and segregation of polymers and composite formulations


Chemical structure, morphology and orientation rules in electrospinning and related techniques.


Random and oriented fibers. Control of process parameters. Application of templates for specific orientation and interactions of fibers and logded systems


Advanced applications in energy and transport.


Contribution to new approaches in nanomaterials and nanodevices


Developments in the biomedical and pharmaceutical field. New methodologies for the fabrication of drug delivery systems, 3D cell supports and tissue engineering scaffolds.


Design and fabrication of new equipments for advanced applications.


Future prospects of electrospinning and related techniques in the field of polymer and composite materials.


Details can be found on https://www.aim.it/eupoc2019 whilst attached is the 1st Circular completed with the Invited Speakers who accepted to deliver a talk.



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