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Chernivtsi Yuri Fedkovych National University founded October 4, 1875. It has undergone a complicated development ton become one of the leading centers of science, research and education in the state.

The university was named after Franz Josef I, Emperor of Austro-Hungary (Bucovyna was then a part of it) and the language of instruction was German. Originally there were three colleges: Orthodox Theology, Law and State, and Philosophy.

The 50s of XX c. brought some colleges and University administration into buildings of the former Bucovynian Metropolitan’s residence, a unique architectural ensemble. The University attained the name of Sanctuary of Science not only in the metaphoric meaning but also in the literal one.

The University students and faculty did much to advance the revival of Ukrainian Sovereignty in the 80s and 90s of XX c. The April of 1989 brought the name of Yuri Fedkovych, a writer and enlightener, to the University. November 3, 1990 saw the Ukrainian national banner fluttering on the top of the University Administration.

At present time there are sixteen colleges enrolling about seventeen thousand students (full-time, part-time and external) in the Bachelor, Specialist and Master degree programs in 70 majors. The University faculty – 900 academics – constitutes 100 professors and over 500 candidates of sciences (PhDs), and associate professors. The University is accredited with the highest 4th category. Students can have military training at the Department of Military Studies. There are 8 specialized Scientific Boards conferring the Candidate degree (PhD) and Doctorate degree (DSc). The university is a full member of the International Association of Universities “Phi Beta Delta” (the USA).

The University supports various partnership relations with many foreign universities and institutions, hosts international science symposia and conferences in different areas of science and education and participates in multilateral research projects.

Given the high academic and scientific achievements during the 125th anniversary Chernivtsi University was awarded national status by the Decree of the President of Ukraine, September 11, 2000.

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