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Chernivtsi is a real pearl of Bukovyna. The city is situated in the South-Western part of Ukraine in Northern Bukovyna along the both banks of meandering river Prut.

In the course of its centuries-old history Chernivtsi was a part of different states. The first record of it is dated 8 October 1408 in “Regulations on Custom Duties” of Moldavian landlord Oleksandr Dobryy. At that time the border custom-house was found. There are assumptions that the name of the place originates from a place-fortress on the southern borders of Halych and Volhynia State that was called Chern or “black city”, built on the river Prut. Perhaps, the name came from black oak walls of the fortress. More than once Chernivtsi became the scene of military battles. In 1650 and 1653 Zaporizhzhya Cossacks liberated the place from Polish gentry for two times. The city was a part of Moldavian Princedom, Ottoman Empire and Poland. From 1774 to 1918 it was in the grip of the Dual Monarchy and from 1918 to 1940 – Romania, from 1940 – a part of the USSR and from 1990 – a part of Ukraine. In 1786 Chernivtsi got Austrian municipal rights and the first city council was elected.

The greatest prosperity of Bukovyna capital began in 1778 when merchants started moving here. Chernivtsi is called a city of merchants and artists. And it is really so. Marvelous architecture of Austrian architects and artists that decorated the city in the 17th - 18th centuries makes unique and original and still attracts numerous tourists to it.

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