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International Office

Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University 

International Office is an information center which ensures analytical support of the development of international contacts and image-making of ChNU in the world community. At the same time it is a coordinating body created for the elaboration and implementation of the University international relations strategy, intensification of its ties with partner institutions abroad, facilitating the development of international cooperation in the field of education and science.

The Office provides the faculty, students and staff with the information on education, research, professional training and information technologies in the leading countries of the world. International Office employees advise on study abroad opportunities, schools, colleges, universities etc.; provide relevant information on international education exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad; and inform on other aspects of international academic life. The Office researches the market of international educational services, coordinates marketing activities, including elaboration of advertising materials about ChNU in foreign languages; defines the framework of international student studies at the University.

The International Office is in charge of the registration of international students and professors; issues invitations to guests from abroad; organizes pre-University courses for of foreign students; assists international students with their accommodation in Chernivtsi; facilitates other University bodies in organizing international academic, cultural and sports activities, as well as leisure time for foreign guests. 

The main activities of the International Office are as follows:

·        academic and scientific cooperation with foreign education institutions and research organizations;

·        setting up and maintaining relations with diplomatic offices of other countries in Ukraine;

·        assisting students and University officers who participate in international programs;

·        recruiting international students;

·        inviting faculty and researchers from abroad;

·        coordinating departments, colleges and other bodies of ChNU in raising efficiency of international partnerships;

·        international cultural and sports cooperation;

·        the provision of services on meeting and hosting international experts and students in ChNU as well as seconding the university’s academic and administrative staff and students abroad in accordance with the terms of agreements with partner universities or on the grounds of international grants;

·        the organisation of language practice abroad for students;

·        the organisation of student and academic exchange;

·        data acquisition and processing on international programs, funds and donor organisations;

·        finding partner universities abroad;

·        meeting delegations and experts from abroad;

·        promotion of the university abroad;

·        development and implementation of innovative projects;

·        development and implementation of international agreements;

·        participation in international forums, conferences, workshops;

·        participation in international programs and projections with the grants mobilization;

·        the university’s participation in international university and student associations.

List of the Main International

Office Activity Priorities:

·        The analysis of the effectiveness and availability of the cooperation relations in force between Chernivtsi National University and partner universities from abroad.

·        Analytical work in seeking new forms of activity as well as new partners abroad to provide additional financing through the receiving of grants and implementation of joint projects and therefore strengthening the university’s authority within scientific-financial unions and global cooperation organizations.

·        The selection of candidates among professors and students for education, training courses, advanced training and participation in research projects in partner universities from abroad.

·        Collecting and processing information on foreign institutions, scientific-research communities, international funds and programs.

·        Providing the university’s participation in international, national, regional forums (congresses, conferences, symposia, exhibitions, fairs, etc.)

·        Advertising scientific, methodical, educational achievements of ChNU abroad (also through the World Wide Web).


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