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2019-09-24 11:05:46
University of Klagenfurt Technology Scholarships  

In cooperation with the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce, scholarship holders will be supported in finding a paid internship in the first year of their Master’s degree programme. Scholarship holders shall be enabled to finance the second year of their Master’s degree programme with a paid internship, which is part of the curriculum.


Based on an agreement with the University of Klagenfurt the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research – OeAD has published the call for applications, will accompany the selection process, award the scholarships and offer its services to the selected scholarship holders before and during their stay in Austria. 



Students who:

1) have completed a Bachelor’s degree relevant for one the Master’s degree programmes listed below in one of the following countries: Albania; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Egypt, Estonia, Greece, Kosovo; Latvia; Lithuania, Montenegro; Morocco, North Macedonia; Poland; Romania; Russian Federation; Serbia; Slovenia; Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine; Uzbekistan

2) can prove very good English language skills (B2, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – CEFR),

3) are not resident in Austria at the time of application, and

4) want to pursue one of the following Master’s degree programmes at the University of Klagenfurt:


•    Master in Mathematics

•    Master in Informatics

•    Master in Information Management

•    Master in Information and Communications Engineering (ICE):

•    Branch of Study Autonomous Systems and Robotics

•    Branch of Study Networks and Communications

•    Branch of Study Business Engineering


Area of study:

•    Mathematics

•    Computer Science and Business Information Systems

•    Electrical Engineering and Information Engineering 



The following documents have to be uploaded with the online application:

•    Completed application form for admission to one of the Master´s degree programmes listed above

•    For applicants from non-EU countries: Proof of admission to their selected programme of study at a state or state-recognised university in their home country

•    Bachelor Certificate* and Transcript of Records of Bachelor’s degree programme

•    Complete Bachelor Thesis (copy of original)

•    Abstract of Bachelor Thesis in German or English

•    Proof of English skills: Level B2 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR)

•    Scan of passport (data page with name and photo)

•    Two letters of recommendation by university lecturers from the university at which the Bachelor’s degree is being pursued/was earned.


*In the case that applicants haven’t completed their Bachelor’s degree at the time of application, a Trascript of Records will suffice. 


Application deadline: 20.10.2019

Application: Exclusively online at https://grants.at 

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